Our Online Fgas course is part of our Fgas certification programme. We fully prepare refrigeration crafts persons for the Fgas Certification Assessment by allowing them to take part in their studies online in the form of videos, interactive environments, and providing access to all the notes and information for the course. This form of learning compliments our onsite testing which is necessary for the certification. This is a 120 short question test, and a practical assessment. The online class is on our online training class site 3dingenuity.ie.

To see a full list of our available courses, head over to our courses page. The Online Fgas course description can be found here.

If you think you’d like to take part in our online training, get in touch with Shane or Nick, who’ll be best able to advise you on the best course for you.

Contact: refrigerationtrainingireland@gmail.com  Tel: 087 6909231