Fgas Regulations for Refrigerated Trucks  and Trailers

The Regulation prohibits any intentional release of fluorinated gases into the atmosphere. Service personnel are therefore required to ensure that this does not happen. They are further obliged to take pre-cautionary measures to minimise any leakage of F-gases. In addition to skills and knowledge that had been required under the old legislation, the new F-gas Regulation adds that certification programmes and training must also cover information on relevant technologies to replace or reduce the use of F-gases and their safe handling.

Stationary refrigeration and air conditioning and refrigerated trucks and trailers.

Regarding stationary refrigeration and air conditioning equipment as well as equipment in refrigerated trucks and trailers (i.e. A, B, C, D, MRA and MRB), the activities indicated in table below can only be undertaken by personnel and companies holding a certificate, issued by a certification body designated by a Member State. For other refrigerated vehicles (MRX), there is no requirement for certification.

Only certified personnel working for a certified company can do installation and maintenance or servicing activities on these types of equipment. Specifically for leak checking and the recovery of F-gases, personnel needs to be certified, but a company certification is not required explicitly.

Certificates issued under the old F-gas Regulation (2006) remain valid. Member States might establish specific requirements that should be taken into consideration.

The operator must make sure that the relevant personnel hold a valid certificate for the foreseen activity.

Fgas Regulations for Refrigerated Trucks and Trailers


Certificates must contain the following information:

Name of certification body, full name of holder, certificate number, date of expiry (if any)

Category of certificate (only for personnel)

Activities which the holder of the certificate is entitled to perform

Issuing date and issuer’s signature


Guidance for equipment operators

Member States can decide on the content of the certification, the category of personnel and the expiry date. It is therefore important that the operator is aware of the Member State’s specific conditions (more information at the National Contact points). An overview of personnel certification categories and the corresponding activities that can be undertaken on the basis of the EU requirements is provided in the table below.


Fgas Regulations for Refrigerated Trucks and Trailers

Company certificates correspond to activities (not categories), either installation or maintenance/ servicing or both. Certificates (excluding interim certificates) are valid in all Member States, but Member States may require a translation of the certificate. The certification requirements for personnel and companies are specified in a separate regulation.


Mobile air conditioning

The recovery of F-gases from motor vehicles covered by the EU MAC Directive23 (passenger cars and light trucks; i.e. category MAC), requires that personnel holds valid training attestations. Such personnel must at least be trained in the functioning of the mobile air conditioning system, the environmental impact of the F-gas refrigerant, environmental regulations and refrigerant recovery. Recovery of F-gases from motor vehicles not covered by the EU MAC Directive (i.e. category MAX) requires appropriately qualified personnel but no specific attestation or certification.

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