Introduction  to Refrigeration Principles and Systems – Online video tutorials

Over 40 videos with accompanying learning material and access to our 3D interactive simulator. Learn about:

  1. SI System.
  2. The fundamental physical, chemical and engineering terms  applicable to refrigeration.
  3. Distinguish between sensible heat, latent heat and specific heat and describe their application in refrigeration.
  4. Explain what is meant by subcooling and superheating and state their relevance to refrigeration systems.
  5. Explain the function and principle of operation of compressors, condensers, metering devices and evaporators.
  6. Describe the function, construction, application and principle of operation of a range  components.
  7. Explain the refrigeration vapour compression cycles of basic and direct staged systems.
  8. Read/interpret refrigerant circuit drawings.
  9. Illustrate, label and explain vapour compression refrigeration systems.
  10. Explain the function of primary and secondary refrigeration systems.
  11. Differentiate between packaged systems and site assembled systems.
  12. Identify the application and design of cascade refrigeration systems.

Refrigeration Principles Online video tutorials, learn at your pace in your time

There are also exercises and a simulator to help you with grasping the concepts basic fault finding.

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